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The intent of this page is to direct you to all available documentation for the project and to act as a repository of documentation and links to it.

General Firmware Documentation

There is a fairly comprehensive, although often out of date, set of documentation available in the ./docs/ directory of the source code tree.

FreeEMS Source Code On GitHub

Generated Doxygen Code Documentation

Doxygen source code based documentation can be obtained in a variety of ways. For each release the Doxygen documentation is generated and uploaded for viewing. For the latest, visit the continuous builds page and choose between master and dev branch variants.

XGATED 0.1.1 Release (Doxygen 1.6.3)

FreeEMS Wiki

As with all wikis, the quality and up-to-date-ness of the content, can and does vary! User beware!

FreeEMS Wiki

Issue Tracking

We have a mantis instance available for monitoring and submitting bug reports, feature requests and other issues with the code, build environment, websites, etc.

Mantis Issue/Bug Tracker

FreeEMS Forums

The majority of development discussion happens on the FreeEMS subsection of the forum. This is generally the most up to date source of the project status.

FreeEMS Forums

Facebook and Twitter

Both FreeEMS and have a facebook and twitter presence.

FreeEMS on Facebook on Facebook
FreeEMS on Twitter

Live Support

Live support can be had in the following IRC channels on freenode: #freeems for users and #freeems-dev for development.

User Manual

The user manuals are currently in the form of threads on the forum. Once they are considered complete they will be migrated to an official site. You can find them in the section linked below.

FreeEMS User Support