Release Notes

This page contains a list of all notable properties of this release. To see the release notes from older releases see the Old Release Notes page.

General Notes

This release comes to you mostly courtesy of Sean Keys who has done an outstanding job producing an XGATE assembler and linker for us to use! Sean's work can not be valued enough, it will be absolutely essential for future versions to perform to the high standards that we try to adhere to. One nice side effect of the tools being new, is that they now work exactly the same way on all platforms. This now includes Windows Vista upon which the previous tools would not even run due to a small bug in the GCC used to build them.

I would like to thank quite a few people for their involvment in this release:

Finally, this release would not be possible if not for the kindness of numerous people that have donated money and food to the cause. During the development of 0.1.1 I have been homeless, living in my car, with no income and very little money. Just yesterday the last of the money ran out, and I am now living only on FreeEMS donations from car enthusiasts around the world. My most sincere and heart-felt thanks to each and every one of you! Most appreciated!

If anyone else wants to contribute, contact me through any medium for the details.

The new XGATE tools and information on them are available from here:

New Features:


Known Issues:

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