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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
9S12XDP512.h [code]MC9S12XDP512 register definitions
blockDetailsLookup.c [code]Memory block details lookup
blockDetailsLookup.h [code]
Bosch.h [code]Bosch Coolant/Head / Inlet Air Temperature Transfer Table Data
changeLogs.h [code]Doxygen Change Logs page definition
CHTTransferTable.c [code]Coolant/Head Temperature Transfer Table
codingStyle.h [code]Doxygen Coding Style page definition
commsCore.c [code]Core communications functions
commsCore.h [code]
commsISRs.c [code]Send and receive bytes serially
commsISRs.h [code]
contributors.h [code]Doxygen Contributors page definition
coreVarsGenerator.c [code]Generate and average the core variables
coreVarsGenerator.h [code]
decodePacketAndRespond.c [code]Empty file to be filled out
decodePacketAndRespond.h [code]
DecoderInterface.h [code]Objects through which a decoder communicates
defaultUteConfig.h [code]
Denso.h [code]Denso Coolant/Head / Inlet Air Temperature Transfer Table Data
derivedVarsGenerator.c [code]Generate the derived variables
derivedVarsGenerator.h [code]
errorDefines.h [code]Error ID hash defines
fake.coreVarsGenerator.c [code]Iterate through possible sensor values
FixedConfig1.c [code]First fixed config block
FixedConfig2.c [code]Second fixed config block
FixedConfigs.h [code]Struct typedefs for fixed configuration
flashBurn.h [code]C header for assembly flash function
flashConstants.c [code]
flashGlobals.h [code]
flashWrite.c [code]Flash manipulation functions
flashWrite.h [code]
flat80Percent.h [code]A dead flat 80% VE curve to use as a default for typical engines
flatStoichiometric.h [code]A dead flat stoichiometric 1.0/14.7 Lambda/AFR curve to use as a default or to allow MegaSquirt bodgy style tuning
freeEMS.c [code]Here purely for structure
freeEMS.h [code]The main project header file
fuelAndIgnitionCalcs.c [code]Fuel and ignition calculations
fuelAndIgnitionCalcs.h [code]
FuelTables.c [code]Fuel VE and Lambda tables
FuelTables2.c [code]Fuel VE and Lambda tables
globalConstants.c [code]Global constant values
globalConstants.h [code]Global constant declarations
globalDefines.h [code]Global hash define literal replacements
glossary.h [code]Glossary and acronym explanations
GM.h [code]
groups.h [code]Doxygen module groups definition
hc9s12xdp512elfb.x [code]The main linker script
IATTransferTable.c [code]Inlet Air Temperature Transfer Table
ignitionISRs.c [code]Turn ignition channels on and off
init.c [code]Initialise the devices state
init.h [code]
injectionISRs.c [code]Injection ISR substitutions
injectionISRs.h [code]
injectorISR.c [code]Injector ISR shared code
interrupts.c [code]Interrupt Vector Table
interrupts.h [code]All interrupt handler declarations
LT1-360-8.c [code]LT1 Optispark
LT1-360-8.h [code]
MAFTransferTable.c [code]Mass Air Flow Transfer Table
main.c [code]The main function!
main.h [code]
mainPage.h [code]Doxygen Main index page definition
memory.h [code]Memory usage directives
memory.x [code]Region definition linker script
MiataNB.c [code]Miata from 9x to 0x
MiataNB.h [code]
miscISRs.c [code]Miscellaneous Interrupt Handlers
MissingTeeth.c [code]Missing teeth, mostly 36-1 and 60-2
MissingTeeth.h [code]
NA-FE-DOHC.H [code]
NipponDenso.c [code]Reads Nippon Denso 24/2 sensors
NipponDenso.h [code]
originalCurve.h [code]A random stepped Lambda/AFR curve that is probably not a lot of use
pagedLocationBuffers.h [code]Pointers to paged memory blocks
realtimeISRs.c [code]Real time interrupts
regions.x [code]Region mapping linker script
releaseNotes.h [code]Doxygen Release Notes page definition
Simple.c [code]Reads any signal that is once per cylinder
Simple.h [code]
staticInit.c [code]Static initialisation of non-zero variables
strategies.h [code]Doxygen General Strategies page definition
structs.h [code]General struct typedefs
Subaru-36-2-2-2.c [code]Subaru 36 minus 2 2 2
Subaru-36-2-2-2.h [code]
tableLookup.c [code]Table access functions
tableLookup.h [code]
TestTransferTable.c [code]Test data for comms
TimingTables.c [code]Injection and ignition timing tables
TimingTables2.c [code]Injection and ignition timing tables
TunableConfig.c [code]Small tables and other live tunable data
TunableConfig2.c [code]Small tables and other live tunable data
TunableConfigs.h [code]Struct typedefs for tunable configuration
tuneSwitching.h [code]Doxygen Tune Switching page definition
unlisted.h [code]Doxygen Unlisted Files page definition
utils.c [code]Utility functions only
utils.h [code]
xgateVectors.c [code]XGATE Interrupt Vector Table
xgateVectors.h [code]
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