fake.coreVarsGenerator.c File Reference

Iterate through possible sensor values. More...

#include "inc/freeEMS.h"
#include "inc/commsCore.h"
#include "inc/coreVarsGenerator.h"
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void generateCoreVars ()
 Iterate through possible sensor values.

Detailed Description

Iterate through possible sensor values.

A very basic way of trying out all possible input values to the system.

Fred Cooke

Definition in file fake.coreVarsGenerator.c.

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Definition at line 39 of file fake.coreVarsGenerator.c.

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void generateCoreVars ( void   ) 

Iterate through possible sensor values.

Generate the core variables and average them.

A very basic way of trying out all possible input values to the system.

This file needs to be manually added to the output instead of the normal one by renaming the real version with a suffix (eg .real) and renaming this one by removing the prefix (ie fake.).

Fred Cooke

TODO average the generated values here

Definition at line 55 of file fake.coreVarsGenerator.c.

References CoreVar::AAP, ADCArray::AAP, AAP_NOT_CONFIGURED_CODE, sensorRange::AAPMinimum, sensorRange::AAPRange, ADC_DIVISIONS, ADCArrays, bootTimeAAP, boundedTPSADC, CoreVar::BRV, ADCArray::BRV, BRV_NOT_CONFIGURED_CODE, sensorRange::BRVMinimum, sensorRange::BRVRange, CoreVar::CHT, ADCArray::CHT, CHT_NOT_CONFIGURED_CODE, CHTTransferTable, CORE_VARS_LENGTH, CoreVars, CoreVar::DDRPM, CoreVar::DRPM, CoreVar::EGO, ADCArray::EGO, CoreVar::EGO2, ADCArray::EGO2, EGO2_NOT_CONFIGURED_CODE, EGO_NOT_CONFIGURED_CODE, sensorRange::EGOMinimum, sensorRange::EGORange, FALSE, fixedConfigs2, freezingPoint, halfThrottle, CoreVar::IAP, ADCArray::IAP, CoreVar::IAT, ADCArray::IAT, IAT_NOT_CONFIGURED_CODE, IATTransferTable, CoreVar::MAF, ADCArray::MAF, MAFTransferTable, CoreVar::MAP, ADCArray::MAP, MAP_NOT_CONFIGURED_CODE, sensorRange::MAPMinimum, sensorRange::MAPRange, CoreVar::MAT, ADCArray::MAT, MAT_NOT_CONFIGURED_CODE, sensorPreset::presetAAP, sensorPreset::presetBRV, sensorPreset::presetCHT, sensorPreset::presetEGO, sensorPreset::presetEGO2, sensorPreset::presetIAT, sensorPreset::presetMAP, sensorPreset::presetMAT, sensorPreset::presetTPS, roomTemperature, RPM, CoreVar::RPM, runningTemperature, runningVoltage, seaLevelKPa, sendErrorIfClear(), fixedConfig2::sensorPresets, fixedConfig2::sensorRanges, stoichiometricLambda, CoreVar::TPS, ADCArray::TPS, TPS_NOT_CONFIGURED_CODE, TPS_RANGE_MAX, TPSADCRange, sensorRange::TPSClosedMAP, TPSMAPRange, sensorRange::TPSMaximumADC, sensorRange::TPSMinimumADC, sensorRange::TPSOpenMAP, and TRUE.

00055                        {
00057     /*
00058      * Fastest rate of change for RPM at the top, lowest rate of change for
00059      * battery voltage at the bottom. Each time a variable reaches its maximum
00060      * it rolls over back to zero. Because the numbers are prime they will not
00061      * remain synchronised and should give a nice mix of output value sets.
00062      */
00063     CoreVars->RPM += 11;
00064     CoreVars->MAP += 7;
00065     CoreVars->IAT += 5;
00066     CoreVars->CHT += 3;
00067     CoreVars->BRV += 1;
00069     /* Not currently used... */
00070     CoreVars->DDRPM = 0;
00071     CoreVars->DRPM = 0;
00072     CoreVars->AAP = 0;
00073     CoreVars->TPS = 0;
00074     CoreVars->EGO = 0;
00075     CoreVars->EGO2 = 0;
00076     CoreVars->MAT = 0;
00077     CoreVars->IAP = 0;
00078     CoreVars->MAF = 0;
00079 }

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