FixedConfig1.c File Reference

First fixed config block. More...

#include "inc/freeEMS.h"
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const volatile fixedConfig1

Detailed Description

First fixed config block.

This file contains the definition of the first fixed configuration block. The declaration can be found in the global constants header file.

Please ensure that all variables added here have good default values.

Fred Cooke

Definition in file FixedConfig1.c.

Variable Documentation


TODO for coreSettingsA masks See definitions in freeEMS.h OR is it in structs.h ???

TODO divide fixedConfig1 into useful chunks

TODO create presets sensor values struct

TODO create engine setup struct

TODO create ranges struct

TODO add userTextField1 to the dictionary/address lookup

One of two structs of fixed configuration data such as physical parameters etc. If you add something here, please ensure you update all of the following :

TODO add doxy comments for each element of the struct

Definition at line 53 of file FixedConfig1.c.

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